GATEway of TAS

GATEway of TAS are Gifted And Talented Experienced adults 55+ who gather together for a variety of reasons: to socialize, plan events, travel, play and laugh together, exercise, celebrate Jewish holidays, learn more about a variety of topics, and participate in social action projects.

Most importantly, the GATEway Group provides an opportunity for you to meet others who share your values and interests.

  • Celebrate Jewish holidays together
  • Study together
  • Social action projects
  • Travel together
  • Pray together


  • Twice monthly gatherings for games, exercise, learning, films and LUNCH
  • Once monthly we take our program to Shalom Village
  • Support for transportation and caring outreach by friends
  • A warm group to help Judaism remain a constant source of joy

Would you like to learn more about our GATEway Group, Programs and Outreach?

Contact our Program Director, Paula Baruch (905) 528-0121 x23.

Whether you are single or married, active or sedentary, we will get you connected to a vibrant group of seniors and the building of friendships.

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