Learn more about the Jewish holidays and how we observe and celebrate them at Temple Anshe Sholom. Explore the customs and traditions of Reform Jews throughout North America to learn how we weave celebration and tradition into our communities. We are pleased to share this information with you and wish you a chag sameach!





The month of ELUL prepares and leads us up to the HIGH HOLY DAYS. Rosh Hodesh ELUL begins on Sunday, August 28th. We will be offering a series of classes to prepare our members for the New Year. SELICHOT services are a meaningful way to transition to the new year. On the evening of Saturday, September 17th we gather for study, followed by a solemn service introducing the musical themes of the High Holy Days. Together on this special evening we bring all of our Torah Scrolls together and change their garments to white for this sacred time. ROSH HASHANAH begins on the evening of Sunday, September 25th. First day Rosh Hashanah services will be on Monday, September 26th and Tuesday, September 27th. We encourage you to prepare to disengage from work and school for these times. YOM KIPPUR begins on the evening of Tuesday, October 4th and continues through the next day, Wednesday, October 5th with morning services, afternoon study and the very special concluding service called Neilah when the fast of Yom Kippur is broken together with community. We hope you will be with us for the largest gatherings of the year, the High Holy Days.


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