Purim is celebrated by the reading of the Scroll of Esther, known in Hebrew as the Megillat Esther, which relates the basic story of Purim. Under the rule of King Ahashuerus, Haman, the King’s prime minister, plots to exterminate all of the Jews of Persia. His plan is foiled by Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, who ultimately save the Jews of the land from destruction.

Temple Anshe Sholom is well known for it’s raucous musical purimshpiel each year. Our members collaborate on the creation of a script with rewritten song lyrics that follow a theme. In past years we have enjoyed Beatles Purim, Elvis Purim, Glee Purim, and Country and Western Purim, Queen Purim and Mamma Mia Purim. This year we celebrated with Back to the 80’s PURIM! You can get involved…it is so much fun!

Next year PURIM will be on Thursday, February 25th, 2021. There’s always room for more. Contact Cantor Paula Baruch to volunteer to help out!  pbaruch@anshesholom.ca

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