Bar Bat Mitzvah

Temple Anshe Sholom helps grow our young people to Bar or Bat Mitzvah and beyond. We set the bar high for our students and with guidance and support, they meet or exceed our expectations. All of our students learn to chant from our Torah Scrolls and the Haftorah with blessings. They work closely with Tutors and our Rabbi to deeply connect with and understand their Torah portion. Over several months they research and prepare their Dvar Torah. Students choose a Mitzvah Project to put their Jewish values into practice during their year of Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparations. Families participate in a special arts-based project where the student designs a wimple* for the Torah that will be used at their simcha. The motifs chosen to decorate the student’s wimple* depict the Jewish connections that student feels towards Torah and their community. Our students make us very proud by leading us in worship both Friday evening and Saturday morning for Shabbat Services. Many go on to chant Torah for our congregation at High Holy Days and Festivals.

* A wimple is a piece of fabric that wraps around the Torah Scroll to secure it safely when not being read.

Learn more about our Bar Bat Mitzvah Program in our Parent’s Handbook below:

B’nai Mitzvah Handbook 2021-2022

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