2020 High Holy Days 5781


High HolyDays 5781 ~ September 12th to September 28th

We are grateful to have experienced the High Holy Days with all of you. Thank you to our technical team, music makers, and clergy for the meaningful services. Our community is strong and connected. Thank you to all who contributed to our High Holy Day Appeal 5781. If you enjoyed our services and have not yet  contributed, we encourage you to be counted among the givers. No amount is too small.

Would you like to Sponsor High Holy Days?

As we continue into the fall season, we turn our attention to Sukkot and Simchat Torah. We hope you will join us for these heartwarming holidays!

If you are not a member of the congregation and not yet ready to make that commitment, we are pleased to offer you the same opportunity to donate. First, make your donation and if you decide to join the congregation shortly after the holidays have ended, we will apply this donation toward your membership dues! Please contact our Temple Office for details. 905-528-0121 ext 22.

We look forward to sharing Community with you!

If you missed a service you can visit our archives >>

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